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Frank Beach

..........began learning classical piano whilst still a choirboy. The choirmaster had him down as the next and possibly youngest church organist following his tuition on the king of instruments. Little did he realise Frank had been taught a blues progression years earlier by an older cousin and the strict C of E church would sometimes resound to the occasional Rock Anthem (not on Sundays you understand). He never went back to church organ following college and the transformation to Rock and Roll piano player was complete.

His skills have featured in many highly regarded Midlands bands including Palomino (where he first met fellow Desperado Chris), The Italians, The Doctors, Curtis Little Band, Beyond the Groove and The Doobie Others. He has also played and collaborated with Midland vocalists Ruby Turner, Curtis Little, Jaki Graham, Brad Henshaw and Cissie Stone.

Frank reunited with Chris after a break of ten years for a brief collaboration following Chris’s songwriting success in the US. Ten years after that they reunited again and their latest project together is Desperado, now a mere ten years old and enjoying success touring the UK, Europe and the Middle East to great acclaim and increasing reputation. Frank, a qualified accountant also looks after the bands finances.

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