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Chris Brighton

.......has been singing and playing guitar since he was 14, covering pretty well all genres. His love for vocal harmony has always been a consistent ingredient in any live musical venture.

Winning a world-wide song competition in 1989 gave him the confidence and self belief to change career course and make a living from music. His composition “Close to You’ made the US billboard charts in 1990, and royalty funds financed a home studio.

He has been active in TV, Film and Gaming for over 30 years as a free-lance musician/composer and continues work at his studio at home. Being an avid Eagles fan since ’73, running the band for over 4 years has been a constant source of pleasure and continues to press all the right musical buttons.

Chris plays Martin Acoustic, Fender Strat de-luxe, Gibson Les Paul, Line6 Helix Floorboard

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